This page will eventually show pictures of the facility when complete in the mean time you can...
See the construction of our facility in progress! Construction Progress
                      Our Facility was Built with Your Fur-kids in Mind
Almost 5000 square foot indoors with large play areas
8000 square feet outside yard with large play areas
Acoustical steel for sound absorption
Energy efficient insulation package
Multiple ceiling fans throughout facility
Unique air exchange filtration system
Special sound insulation and acoustical steel
Colored poured polished concrete flooring, no chemicals
Surround sound for soothing music throughout facility
Temperature controlled heated floors
Forced air furnace for backup system
Temperature controlled central air conditioning
Many windows for natural light and fresh air exchange
Running fountain splash pond for hot summer days
6 Foot secured privacy fence
Hospital grade cleaning supplies
Doggie style fitness equipment, toys and more

~ Tender Loving Care ~


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