Doggie Daycare  "Unleashed and Loving it!
Animal behaviorists recognize the importance of physical and mental activity that a well run daycare can provide. We all know that dogs need to run, jump, play and interact with one another so I provide alot of toys and play equipment in different areas so they never get bored.  Paw Tender's fur-kids participate in structured days. All dogs rotate to different play areas inside and out to take full advantage of the entire facility. This aides in not only fun physical exercise, but engages them mentally as well. All activities are under the constant supervision of Laurie and she  is experienced in canine group dynamics. All dogs will get a kong peanut butter treat or doggie ice cream before naptime at no charge to the parents.
Every dog is unique, some race right in the first day ready for whatever comes. Others are a bit shy, and might need to be eased into the daycare program with patience. Then there are others that just are not suited for an open play environment with other dogs. That is why it is so important that we socialize our dogs at a young age as soon and as much as possible. Puppy Program  Does your fur-kid need medical care? I also cater to senior dogs and those that have medical conditions. With Laurie's background in animal health, your fur-kids will be taken care of when in need. I pay close attention to each and every dog in my care. I am limiting the amount of dogs in my facility. Too many dogs in a facility can be stressful, that is not what I am all about. Your dogs will get Tender Loving Care. That is my mission. I am committed to smaller group sizes. After all, they are just kids with fur! All dogs are divided into groups based on age, energy level and play style...
High impact
Half pints
Tea Cups
Seniors (I don't recommend bringing a 11-16 year old to daycare unless they have started with me until they age to this point. It would be too stressful at that time in their lives.)
Basic Requirements
Age: 8 Weeks old and up (2 booster vaccines)
Sex: Spayed or neutered if over 7 months of age
Vaccinations: Bordatella (kennel cough) every 6 months, DHLLP (yearly), Rabies (by 6 months of age and every 2 years)
Your fur-kid will have to wait one  week to enter our facility if vaccines are not up to date.
How Do I Enroll my Fur-kid for Doggie Daycare?
1. Click on Forms to download and submit the owner profile and doggie profile enrollment forms (or)
   Complete & print out the owner profile and doggie profile forms on-line and submit them to us by appt, email, fax or mail (or)
   Call to have forms mailed to you, complete them, then submit them to us by appt., email, fax or mail
2. Provide us with a copy of your fur-kid's vaccination records
3. Meet and Greet: We will schedule to meet you and your fur-kid for an initial "trial date" for doggie daycare. If approved for future play dates, we will either, schedule your loved one in with the friends he picked, or we will put him on our waiting list. If you have a shy dog, but we see he has potential for group play, it may take more than the trial date to ease him into it. It takes patience and the process is not forced. Alot of shy dogs become the best of friends. We do not take aggressive dogs.

                           Our Doggie Daycare Prices 
Daily Prices     
Frequent Barker Package Price per Day                        
Trial Day
10 Day
20 Day             
30 Day

Daycare Drop Off & Pick Up Times (At This Time)
Monday-Thursday:   Drop Off: 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. via appointment (early mornings are best to allow more playtime) 
Daycare ends around 3 p.m. to allow for pick ups but they can stay until 5:30 p.m. until their parents can pick them up.





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